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LMR(R) Cable Assemblies

LMR(R) Cable Assemblies

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LMR-100 Cable Assemblies LMR-100 Cable Assemblies
  Times Microwave LMR100 Flex Cable .105in O.D. 50 ohms. Copper Stranded outer shield, Copper-clad steel center conductor. PVC jacket.

LMR195  Cable Assemblies LMR195 Cable Assemblies
  LMR -195 Type Cables are ideal for jumper assemblies in wireless communication systems and short antenna feed runs

LMR-195-UF Cable Assemblies LMR-195-UF Cable Assemblies
  LMR-195-UF UltraFlex TimesMicrowave Coax is part of Field Components stock of coaxial cable. FCI is a supplier and manufacturer of custom cables, coaxial cable, flexible cables with a complete line of connectors and heat shrink tubing.

LMR200 Cable Assemblies LMR200 Cable Assemblies
  Field Components offers 12450 combinations of LMR200 Cable Assemblies. Get detailed information and specifications online or call us at 888-413-4353

LMR-200UF Cable Assemblies LMR-200UF Cable Assemblies
  LMR 200-UF UltraFlex Timesmicrowave Cable is a small part of Field Components stock of Coaxial Cable Assemblies. FCI is a reseller and manufacturer of custom cable assemblies, RF Parts, tubing, connectors, and accessories.

LMR-240UF Cable Assemblies LMR-240UF Cable Assemblies
  LMR-240 Ultraflex Cable, Time Microwave 240uf,Ultra,Flex custom cable assemblies.

LMR 240 Cable Assemblies LMR 240 Cable Assemblies
  LMR-240 coaxial cable assembly provides excellent performance with its solid center conductor and in under 0.25 inch in diameter with better specifications.

LMR-400UF Cable  Assemblies LMR-400UF Cable Assemblies
  LMR-400 Ultra Flex Low Loss Coaxial Cable Assemblies

LMR-400 Cable Assemblies LMR-400 Cable Assemblies
  Times LMR 400 from Field Components are ideal for drop-in replacement for Air-Dielectric type Cable & wireless communication systems. Call @ 888-413-4353 for more information.

LMR-600 Cable Assemblies LMR-600 Cable Assemblies
  LMR 600 Coaxial Cable Assemblies for Low Loss applications

SF-142 Cable Assemblies SF-142 Cable Assemblies
  SF-142 Hi Performance Coaxial Cable assemblies are great replacement for standard RG cables where isolation, added shielding, and stability are needed. We build you your exact requirements

When is comes to Low Loss Cable, Times Microwave Systems (TMS) is the leader of high performance, flexible low loss 50ohm and 75ohm cables for wireless applications.

Known best for their LMR® series of cables, TMS cables are found in a variety of applications, such as 2-way land mobile, cellular, telemetry and other wireless products.

Times Microwave LMR Cables can be used in base stations as antenna jumpers, cell towers for pole feeder runs and even air handling plenums. Times Microwave LMR Coaxial Cables have performance comparable to copper cables, but are non-kinking, and extremely flexible.

There maybe other sources of Low Loss RF Cable such as Belden, Comscope and even offshore sources, But Times Microwave LMR Cable is the most recognized as the industry leader.


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