1.0/2.3mm Adapters

Din 1.0/2.3mm Adapters

Din 1.0/2.3mm Adapters allow for inter-series componentes to interconnect. 1.0/2.3mm Connector was produced starting in 1990 for the communications sector. The 1.0/2.3mm in-series and between series adapters allow for quick disconnect various components, but uses a slide on push-pull mating interface which makes it ideal for faster RF installantion applications. The space saving miniature size of the Din 1.0/2.3mm Adapters allow quicker installation and densely packed solutions. 1.0/2.3mm Adapters have both 50ohm and 75ohm impedance and a typical maximum VSWR of >1.20:1 to 4GHz-6GHz.

  • VSWR of >1.20:1 to 4GHz-6GHz
  • Availble in both in-series and between series options
  • Plating Options Include, White Bronze, Suco, Nickel, Gold
  • Custom Configurations Available upon Request

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1.0/2.3mm To QMA Adapters

1.0/2.3mm To SMA Adapters 1.0/2.3mm To SMA Adapters
  1.0/2.3 To SMA adapters have been used to mate previously non compatible components. Their compact designs are ideal for applications where space limitation is a factor. 1.0/2.3 To SMA adapters available to perform at 50 Ω with a maximum frequency of 10GHz.

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