Black Oxide RF Connectors

Now offering both standard and custom designed RF connectors, adapters and cable assemblies with your choice of Black Oxide/Chrome or Olive Drab/Cadmium plating options.  The advantages of using these types is that they are both non-reflective and do not use a nickel under-plate which increases corrosion resistance in outdoor environments. They also offer 500-1k minimum neutral salt spray making them ideal for outdoor and shipboard applications.

Military Black ConnectorsPopular connector types include SMA, N, TNC and N type.  Other connector types are available upon request if needed.  These connectors can be used on standard RG Cables as well as LMR cables and also receptacle type connectors are available in these plating options.  The thread lubricity on these connectors is 500 cycles minimum and can meet coupling and uncoupling torque after exposure to severe corrosion environments.

Conductivity for EMI shielding, electrical bonding and lighting strike (2.5 milliohms max shell to shell resistance).  Also meeting vibrations, shock, humidity, EMI shielding and bending moment, these plating options are your ultimate choice for an outdoor environment.

Please contact to request a sample or a quote for your Requirements.