LMR-240-LLPX Times Microwave Cables

The LMR-240-LLPX series from Times Microwave's LMR(R) cables feature solid center conductor and Plenum CMP outer jacket designed for requirements to have a UL/NEC and CSA rating of CMP and FT6. The LMR-240-LLPX Times Microwave Cables series are used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • LMR-240-LLPX Times Microwave Cable SpecificationsLMR-240-LLPL Times Microwave Cable Specifications

LMR-240-LLPX Outer Jacket Construction properties include a Fluoropolymer Jacket that is UV and Weather Resistant making it an Ideal choice for Low Loss Cable for CMP Plenum Feed Runs. These unmatched cable characteristics give the LMR-240 LLPX a repeated Bend Radius of 2.5inches

The dual RF Shielding includes an outer overall Tinned Copper braid which over lays a multi-ply bonded foil shield. The shield combination gives this LMR240 a 50dB greater RF Shielding over typical single shielded coax cable (40 dB).

The aerated Foam Polyethylene dielectric and Stranded Bare Copper Center conductor (0.056") add to the coaxial cables extreme flexibility while aiding the cables performance in extreme conditions.

The overall construction of the LMR240 LLPX Cable gives additional qualities such as tensile Strength up to 60lbs.

Field Components offers in house Custom Coaxial Cable Assemblies using True Times Microwave LMR-240-LLP CMP Cable. This allows Field Components the opportunity to build virtually any variety of LMR240 LLPX cable and connector options. All LMR Cable Assemblies are terminated and sealed with UV resistant and weather proof Adhesive Lined Shrink Tubing. The Adhesive lined shrink tubing aids in the protection against the elements and added strain relief. Additionally we can add custom labels on your cables (upon request) which can include your part numbers, your logo, cable destination and cable orientation. Additional specification for requested Custom Labels can be UV resistant, Water proof and in some cases full Color.

You can find out more information about our custom cable assemblies here.
Connectors for LMR-240LLPX meet Mil-STD-348 Popular Connector for LMR-240-LLPX is 3190-382 from Times Micorwave
LMR®-240-LLPX Indoor/Outdoor Plenum CMP/FT-6 0.240 6.10 FP Red 0.047 0.07 -40/+257