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Absolutely No Tariff Charges! FIELD COMPONENTS INC. Achieves AS9100D Quality Management Certification
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Connectors For LMR Cable

LMR100A LMR240 LMR300
SMA Male FC10CRM-B02-1 FC10CRM-B07-1 FC10CRM-B20-1
SMA Male R/A FC10CRML-B02-1 FC10CRML-B07-1 FC10CRML-B20-1
SMA Female FC10CRF-B02-1 FC10CRF-B07-1 FC10CRF-B20-1
SMA Female Bulkhead FC10CRFK-B02-1 FC10CRFK-B07-1 FC10CRFK-B20-1
SMA Female 2 Hole FC10CRFW-B02-1 FC10CRFW-B07-1 FC10CRFW-B20-1
SMA Female 4 Hole FC10CRFN5-B02-1 FC10CRFN5-B07-1 FC10CRFN5-B20-1
SMA Male RP FC10CRM-RP-B02-1 FC10CRM-RP-B07-1 FC10CRM-RP-B20-1
SMA Female RP FC10CRF-RP-B02-1 FC10CRF-RP-B07-1 FC10CRF-RP-B20-1
SMA Female Bulkhead RP FC10CRFK-RP-B02-1 FC10CRFK-RP-B07-1 FC10CRFK-RP-B20-1
SMA Male Clamp FC10CLM-B02-1 FC10CLM-B07-1 FC10CLM-B20-1
BNC Male FC11CRM-B02-2 FC11CRM-B07-2 FC11CRM-B20-2
BNC Male R/A FC11CRML-B02-2 FC11CRML-B07-2 FC11CRML-B20-2
BNC Female FC11CRF-B02-2 FC11CRF-B07-2 FC11CRF-B20-2
BNC Female Bulkhead FC11CRFK-B02-2 FC11CRFK-B07-2 FC11CRFK-B20-2
BNC Female 2 Hole FC11CRFW-B02-2 FC11CRFW-B07-2 FC11CRFW-B20-2
BNC Female 4 Hole FC11CRFN5-B02-2 FC11CRFN5-B07-2 FC11CRFN5-B20-2
BNC Male RP FC11CRM-RP-B02-2 FC11CRM-RP-B07-2 FC11CRM-RP-B20-2
BNC Female RP FC11CRF-RP-B02-2 FC11CRF-RP-B07-2 FC11CRF-RP-B20-2
BNC Female Bulkhead RP FC11CRFK-RP-B02-2 FC11CRFK-RP-B07-2 FC11CRFK-RP-B20-2
BNC Male Clamp FC11CLM-B02-2 FC11CLM-B07-2 FC11CLM-B20-2
TNC Male FC12CRM-B02-2 FC12CRM-B07-2 FC12CRM-B20-2
TNC Male R/A FC12CRML-B02-2 FC12CRML-B07-2 FC12CRML-B20-2
TNC Female FC12CRF-B02-2 FC12CRF-B07-2 FC12CRF-B20-2
TNC Female Bulkhead FC12CRFK-B02-2 FC12CRFK-B07-2 FC12CRFK-B20-2
TNC Female 2 Hole FC12CRFW-B02-2 FC12CRFW-B07-2 FC12CRFW-B20-2
TNC Female 4 Hole FC12CRFN5-B02-2 FC12CRFN5-B07-2 FC12CRFN5-B20-2
TNC Male RP FC12CRM-RP-B02-2 FC12CRM-RP-B07-2 FC12CRM-RP-B20-2
TNC Female RP FC12CRF-RP-B02-2 FC12CRF-RP-B07-2 FC12CRF-RP-B20-2
TNC Female Bulkhead RP FC12CRFK-RP-B02-2 FC12CRFK-RP-B07-2 FC12CRFK-RP-B20-2
TNC Male Clamp FC12CLM-B02-2 FC12CLM-B07-2 FC12CLM-B20-2
N Male FC13CRM-B02-2 FC13CRM-B07-2 FC13CRM-B20-2
N Male R/A FC13CRML-B02-2 FC13CRML-B07-2 FC13CRML-B20-2
N Female FC13CRF-B02-2 FC13CRF-B07-2 FC13CRF-B20-2
N Female Bulkhead FC13CRFK-B02-2 FC13CRFK-B07-2 FC13CRFK-B20-2
N Female 2 Hole FC13CRFW-B02-2 FC13CRFW-B07-2 FC13CRFW-B20-2
N Female 4 Hole FC13CRFN5-B02-2 FC13CRFN5-B07-2 FC13CRFN5-B20-2
N Male RP FC13CRM-RP-B02-2 FC13CRM-RP-B07-2 FC13CRM-RP-B20-2
N Female RP FC13CRF-RP-B02-2 FC13CRF-RP-B07-2 FC13CRF-RP-B20-2
N Female Bulkhead RP FC13CRFK-RP-B02-2 FC13CRFK-RP-B07-2 FC13CRFK-RP-B20-2
N Male Clamp FC13CLM-B02-2 FC13CLM-B07-2 FC13CLM-B20-2
7/16 Male FC20CRM-B02-2 FC20CRM-B07-2 FC20CRM-B20-2
7/16 Male R/A FC20CRML-B02-2 FC20CRML-B07-2 FC20CRML-B20-2
7/16 Female FC20CRF-B02-2 FC20CRF-B07-2 FC20CRF-B20-2
7/16 Female Bulkhead FC20CRFK-B02-2 FC20CRFK-B07-2 FC20CRFK-B20-2
7/16 Female 2 Hole FC20CRFW-B02-2 FC20CRFW-B07-2 FC20CRFW-B20-2
7/16 Female 4 Hole FC20CRFN5-B02-2 FC20CRFN5-B07-2 FC20CRFN5-B20-2
7/16 Male RP FC20CRM-RP-B02-2 FC20CRM-RP-B07-2 FC20CRM-RP-B20-2
7/16 Female RP FC20CRF-RP-B02-2 FC20CRF-RP-B07-2 FC20CRF-RP-B20-2
7/16 Female Bulkhead RP FC20CRFK-RP-B02-2 FC20CRFK-RP-B07-2 FC20CRFK-RP-B20-2
7/16 Male Clamp FC20CLM-B02-2 FC20CLM-B07-2 FC20CLM-B20-2

LMR400 LMR600 LMR900 LMR1200
SMA Female FC10CRF-B08-1N/AN/AN/A
SMA Female Bulkhead FC10CRFK-B08-1N/AN/AN/A
SMA Female 2 Hole FC10CRFW-B08-1N/AN/AN/A
SMA Female 4 Hole FC10CRFN5-B08-1N/AN/AN/A
SMA Female Bulkhead RP FC10CRFK-RP-B08-1N/AN/AN/A
SMA Male Clamp FC10CLM-B08-1N/AN/AN/A
BNC Male FC11CRM-B08-2FC11CRM-B10-2N/AN/A
BNC Female FC11CRF-B08-2FC11CRF-B10-2N/AN/A
BNC Female Bulkhead FC11CRFK-B08-2FC11CRFK-B10-2N/AN/A
BNC Female 2 Hole FC11CRFW-B08-2FC11CRFW-B10-2N/AN/A
BNC Female 4 Hole FC11CRFN5-B08-2FC11CRFN5-B10-2N/AN/A
BNC Female RP FC11CRF-RP-B08-2FC11CRF-RP-B10-2N/AN/A
BNC Female Bulkhead RP FC11CRFK-RP-B08-2FC11CRFK-RP-B10-2N/AN/A
BNC Male Clamp FC11CLM-B08-2FC11CLM-B10-2N/AN/A
TNC Male FC12CRM-B08-2FC12CRM-B10-2FC12CRM-B11-2FC12CRM-B12-2
TNC Male R/A FC12CRML-B08-2FC12CRML-B10-2FC12CRML-B11-2FC12CRML-B12-2
TNC Female FC12CRF-B08-2FC12CRF-B10-2FC12CRF-B11-2FC12CRF-B12-2
TNC Female Bulkhead FC12CRFK-B08-2FC12CRFK-B10-2FC12CRFK-B11-2FC12CRFK-B12-2
TNC Female 2 Hole FC12CRFW-B08-2FC12CRFW-B10-2FC12CRFW-B11-2FC12CRFW-B12-2
TNC Female 4 Hole FC12CRFN5-B08-2FC12CRFN5-B10-2FC12CRFN5-B11-2FC12CRFN5-B12-2
TNC Male RP FC12CRM-RP-B08-2FC12CRM-RP-B10-2FC12CRM-RP-B11-2FC12CRM-RP-B12-2
TNC Female RP FC12CRF-RP-B08-2FC12CRF-RP-B10-2FC12CRF-RP-B11-2FC12CRF-RP-B12-2
TNC Female Bulkhead RP FC12CRFK-RP-B08-2FC12CRFK-RP-B10-2FC12CRFK-RP-B11-2FC12CRFK-RP-B12-2
TNC Male Clamp FC12CLM-B08-2FC12CLM-B10-2FC12CLM-B11-2FC12CLM-B12-2
N Male FC13CRM-B08-2FC13CRM-B10-2FC13CRM-B11-2FC13CRM-B12-2
N Male R/A FC13CRML-B08-2FC13CRML-B10-2FC13CRML-B11-2FC13CRML-B12-2
N Female FC13CRF-B08-2FC13CRF-B10-2FC13CRF-B11-2FC13CRF-B12-2
N Female Bulkhead FC13CRFK-B08-2FC13CRFK-B10-2FC13CRFK-B11-2FC13CRFK-B12-2
N Female 2 Hole FC13CRFW-B08-2FC13CRFW-B10-2FC13CRFW-B11-2FC13CRFW-B12-2
N Female 4 Hole FC13CRFN5-B08-2FC13CRFN5-B10-2FC13CRFN5-B11-2FC13CRFN5-B12-2
N Male RP FC13CRM-RP-B08-2FC13CRM-RP-B10-2FC13CRM-RP-B11-2FC13CRM-RP-B12-2
N Female RP FC13CRF-RP-B08-2FC13CRF-RP-B10-2FC13CRF-RP-B11-2FC13CRF-RP-B12-2
N Female Bulkhead RP FC13CRFK-RP-B08-2FC13CRFK-RP-B10-2FC13CRFK-RP-B11-2FC13CRFK-RP-B12-2
N Male Clamp FC13CLM-B08-2FC13CLM-B10-2FC13CLM-B11-2FC13CLM-B12-2
7/16 Male FC20CRM-B08-2FC20CRM-B10-2FC20CRM-B11-2FC20CRM-B12-2
7/16 Male R/A FC20CRML-B08-2FC20CRML-B10-2FC20CRML-B11-2FC20CRML-B12-2
7/16 Female FC20CRF-B08-2FC20CRF-B10-2FC20CRF-B11-2FC20CRF-B12-2
7/16 Female Bulkhead FC20CRFK-B08-2FC20CRFK-B10-2FC20CRFK-B11-2FC20CRFK-B12-2
7/16 Female 2 Hole FC20CRFW-B08-2FC20CRFW-B10-2FC20CRFW-B11-2FC20CRFW-B12-2
7/16 Female 4 Hole FC20CRFN5-B08-2FC20CRFN5-B10-2FC20CRFN5-B11-2FC20CRFN5-B12-2
7/16 Male RP FC20CRM-RP-B08-2FC20CRM-RP-B10-2FC20CRM-RP-B11-2FC20CRM-RP-B12-2
7/16 Female RP FC20CRF-RP-B08-2FC20CRF-RP-B10-2FC20CRF-RP-B11-2FC20CRF-RP-B12-2
7/16 Female Bulkhead RP FC20CRFK-RP-B08-2FC20CRFK-RP-B10-2FC20CRFK-RP-B11-2FC20CRFK-RP-B12-2
7/16 Male Clamp FC20CLM-B08-2FC20CLM-B10-2FC20CLM-B11-2FC20CLM-B12-2

Connectors For LMR100

  Coaxial Connectors For LMR 100 Cable, SMA, SMB, TNC, BNC, 1.0/2.3mm, SC, SSMB,SSMA and Much More

Connectors For LMR1200

  we have the equipment you need Connectors For LMR1200, SMA connector, Coaxial Cable, Attenuators

Connectors For LMR195

  Coaxial Connectors For LMR 195 Cable, SMA, SMB, TNC, BNC, 1.0/2.3mm, SC, SSMB,SSMA and Much More

Connectors For LMR200

  Coaxial Connectors For LMR 200 Cable, 1.0/2.3mm, SC, SSMB,SSMA and Much More

Connectors For LMR-240

  LMR-240 Coaxial Connectors Cable, SMA, TNC, BNC, 1.0/2.3mm, SC, QMA, TNC and Much More for LMR 240

Connectors For LMR300

  Coaxial LMR 300 Connectors, TNC, BNC, 1.0/2.3mm, SC, SSMB,SSMA and Much More

Connectors For LMR400

  Coaxial Connectors For LMR 400 Cable, SMA, SMB, TNC, BNC, 1.0/2.3mm, SC, SSMB,SSMA and Much More

Connectors For LMR500

  Coaxial Connectors For LMR 500 Cable, TNC, BNC, 1.0/2.3mm, SC, SSMB,SSMA and More

Connectors For LMR600

  Coaxial Connectors For LMR 600 Cable, SMA, SMB, TNC, BNC, 1.0/2.3mm, SC, SSMB,SSMA and Much More

Connectors For LMR900

  Connectors For LMR 900 Cable, SMA, SMB, TNC, BNC, 1.0/2.3mm, SC, SSMB,SSMA and Much More