Part Number: MUHFM-LMR100-SMAF4-Length
Price: $37.60
As Low As:$29.70
  • Mini-UHF Male on LMR100 to SMA 4 Hole Female Cable AssemblyMini-UHF Male on LMR100 to SMA 4 Hole Female Cable Assembly

Product Details

Mini-UHF Male on LMR100/U to SMA 4 Hole Female Coaxial Cable Assembly This Coax Cable is made from highest quality materials. This is a custom assembly. The price shown is a base price for terminating the connectors to the cable. Enter your required cable length in the box. Any Additional cable length must be entered in Feet. Any additional footage will be added to the base price at $0.47cents per foot. Cable is 100% inspected before shipping. If you require any additional information for your cable please enter that information also.

An impedance of 50ohm is highlighted in the Field Components Mini UHF Male LMR-100A Cable Assemblies.  The Mini-UHF Male to SMA Female is constructed using LMR100 cable.

Our 50ohm impedance MUHFM-LMR100-SMAF4-Length has excellent performance to 3Ghz and maintain a VSWR 1.35:1 to 3Ghz.

The Mini UHF Male LMR-100A Cable Assemblies MUHFM-LMR100-SMAF4-Length are precision manufactured using highest quality RF and Microwave coaxial connectors.

LMR-100 Cable Assemblies can ship quickly worldwide. There are over 200,000plus RF components available to order online.

Can't find the exact Cable? We will also custom assemble Mini-UHF Male RF cables or adapters for all your Coaxial Component needs.

Need additional high frequency precision grade adapters, RF connectors and test grade RF Cable jumpers? stocks Mini UHF Male LMR-100A Cable Assemblies for wireless telecommunications applications, including WiFi, PCS, radio, computer networks, test instruments, Distribution Antenna Systems (DAS) and antenna devices.


Mini-UHF Male on LMR100 to SMA 4 Hole Female Cable Assembly

Part Number:MUHFM-LMR100-SMAF4-Length
Price: $37.60
As Low As:$29.70

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Availability: Custom cable assembly. Made to your specifications. Stock to 1-2 Week Depending on Quantity. We build you your exact requirements. Custom labeling and private labeling available

Additional Plating Options Upon Request: Standard Gold Plated Brass or Nickel Plated Brass are used on standard RF Cable Assemblies.... Additional connector plating options upon request include: Gold Plated Stainless Steel, Passivated Stainless Steel, Olive Drab Plated Brass, White Bronze Plated Brass, Black Oxide/Chrome Plating and Tri-metal Albaloy/SUCO coating for LOW PIM applications. Call 888-413-4353 for your specific requirements.

Connector Specification:

Mini-UHF Male to SMA 4 Hole Female LMR-100 Cable Assembly

VSWR: 1.35:1
Frequency: 3Ghz
Material Type: PVC
Impedance: 50ohm
Connector Side 1: Mini-UHF Male
Connector Side 2: SMA Female