QMA Adapters

QMA Adapter Benefits

QMA Adapters are designed for applications DC-18GHz, but are optimized for applications DC-6GHz with 1000 Mating Cycles. QMA RF Connector mates 10x faster than standard threaded SMA type connectors.

QMA RF Adapters are available in gold plated brass, nickel plated brass, suco plated brass, black oxide and Passivated stainless steel finishes.

Use of a torque wrench is not necessary to mate the QMA Connectors. The Snap On Connection (Quick-Mate) 360degree rotation allows the QMA cable plug to rotate around the jack freely giving it more flexibility. While the installation process is fast and Simple it while maintains the Max insertion loss of 0.25dB. and low VSWR.

The QMA In-Series Adapters and Inter-Series adapters available including QMA to SMA, TNC, Type N, and BNC.