QN Connectors

QN Connector Benefits

QN Connector series are designed as a quick connect/disconnect option similar to N Type connectors but with fast and easier mating than an N Type. Designed to be terminated on larger cable sizes and to handle higher power requirements up to 300 Watts. Being a snap on interface, this allows the QN connector up to 10 times faster to install and with 360-degree rotation it allows full flexibility during the installation process.

QN series has the same operating frequency and impedance as a standard N type connector using 50-Ohm impedance and a frequency up to 11 GHz. (Optimized for DC-6.0 Ghz). Also designed for either indoor or outdoor use and has a good intermodulation level of negative 155dBC/-112 dBm making it a good selection for Low PIM Cable Assemblies. The temperature range of the QN series is rated -40 degrees Celsius to +125 degrees Celsius and is also IP68 rated (dust and water protection).

QN connectors are available in straight, right angle, four hole flange, bulkhead and receptacle type. Can be used on flexible RG cables, Semi-Rigid RG Cable and Corrugated type such as 3/8” and 1/2” Superflex.

Engagement Disengagement force is 30 N Typical. Body construction is normally brass with beryllium copper center contacts. Plating is normally suco over silver.