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RF Cables


Field Components manufacturers an extensive range of Custom RF cables offering high frequency, outstanding electrical performance, and low loss cables. The RF Cables by Field Components include hand-formable, semi-rigid, flexible, Low-PIM and corrugated cable assemblies. All cables feature an infinite number of combinations For RF cables and connectors.

Custom RF Cable Manufacturing

Field Components capabilities for manufacturing and supply of custom RF cables for different projects of all sizes. We offer a broad range of RF cables that are used in communications, military, Medical and instrumentation systems. The range consists of a variety of cables with different characteristics such as size, flexibility, operation frequency, material, and sheath.
RF Cables from Field Components can be configured easily with a wide variety of connectors and accessories. The connectors can be assembled directly to the cable or via adapters to interface smoothly with your existing equipment or systems.

High-level Design and Development of RF Cables

Field Components has a team of RF cable design and development specialists. We can assist you in the designing phase of your project by providing you with a comprehensive range of high-tech components such as adapters, connectors, and switches.
The experience we have gained through the years of collaborating with our customers helps us to provide you with well-informed advice. We also take into consideration your specific requirements by offering a wide range of products for you to choose from.

RF Cables for High-Frequency Applications

Field Components offers RF cables that are used for high-frequency operations at wireless communication systems. These cables are available in different sizes and configurations from Field Components that can be modified as per your specific requirements.
With their proven performance and durability, these cables are highly recommended in the field of RF engineering due to their capabilities of providing high performance.

Contact us for Custom RF Cables

A wide range of RF cables is available with Field Components at competitive prices. The full range of RF cables can be customized to suit your needs. In case of special requirements, feel free to contact us for custom specifications.
Field Components is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company and provides Made In The USA custom-made cables from small scale production to large contract manufacturing all made from the highest quality materials.

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