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Coaxial Adapters Coaxial Adapters
  Field Components offers custom coaxial adapters available in Brass and stainless steel plating. Free shipping available in US, call @ 888-413-4353 for more info

Coaxial Adapter Kits Coaxial Adapter Kits
  Coaxial Adapter Kits, RF, Microwave, 7/16 DIN Adapter Kit, 3.5MM Adapter Kit, SMA Adapter Kit, Cellular Radio Coaxial Adapter Kit, TNC Cellular Radio Coaxial Adapter Kit, MOBILE Radio Coaxial Adapter Kit,

Fiberoptic Adapters Fiberoptic Adapters
  Fiber Optic Adapters Including ST,SC, MTRJ, FDDI Single mode and Multi Mode

Swept / Radius Coaxial Adapters Swept / Radius Coaxial Adapters
  The swept right angle adapter utilizes a one piece center conductor that is curved within a radius tube housing. The process ensures a true coaxial form from end to end. The radius design configuration allowing the adapter tor perform at higher frequencies and reduces shock or vibration failures. Field Components Swept Right Angle adapters are an improved performance of a standard right angle adapter. These designs are also available in other configurations such as panel mounts, Field Replaceables, Cable Connectors, etc. to fit your exact desired application needs.

Universal Unidapt (R) Adapters Universal Unidapt (R) Adapters
  Each Unidapt fitting has a common connector end and a universal adapter end. Simply choose the two common connector ends you need, and screw them together with the universal adapter. It's so easy. That's why technicians love it! Our ingenious adapter kits let you mix and match any 2 male or female coaxial fittings. Build the perfect adapter or cable assembly for the job Male-to-Male, Male-to-Female, or Female-to-Female.

Universal Unidapt (R) Adapter Kits Universal Unidapt (R) Adapter Kits
  UNIDAPT Kit, Uni Adapter Our Universal Adapter is the Key. Each UNIDAPT fitting has a common connector end and a universal adapter end.