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Coaxial Attenuators

Coaxial Attenuators

What is an RF Coaxial Attenuator

RF Coaxial Attenuators are used for test and measurement applications. Attenuators reduces the amplitude or power of a signal without distorting its waveform. Fixed attenuators in circuits are used to lower voltage, dissipate power, and to improve impedance matching. Coaxial Attenuators are available in 1 DB - 60 DB in 1 DB increments. Power ratings available up to 1000 Watts. Custom designs available as well.

  • DC-50 GHz
  • 10 Different Connector options available for Attenuators in Male-Female, Male-Male, and Female-Female.
  • Custom Designs are also available
  • Available in 50ohm and 75ohm
  • DFARS Specialty metals Compliant, RoHS Compliant, and Made in the USA versions available
  • Attenuator kits can be customized to your application

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7/16 Din Attenuators 7/16 Din Attenuators
  Field Components offers wide range of 7/16 Din Attenuators, have average power rating of 5-10 watts available from 1dB to 30dB. Call @ 888-413-4353 for more information

BNC Attenuators BNC Attenuators
  Field Components offers extensive range of BNC Attenuators with different frequency ranges and power ratings.Over 649 types attenuators, call @ 888-413-4353 to know more

F Type Attenuator

N Type Attenuators N Type Attenuators
  Field Components provides custom N Type Attenuators with different attenuation values, frequency bands and power ratings. Call 888-413-4353 to know more

QMA Attenuators QMA Attenuators
  QMA Fixed Attenuators offered by Field Components has performance range of DC-6.0 GHz, made of suco brass plated material. Call @ 888-413-4353 for more information

SMA Attenuators SMA Attenuators
  Field Components offers offer the best quality & high performance SMA Attenuators. Call @ 888-413-4353 for more information, free shipping available in US

SSMA Attenuators SSMA Attenuators
  SSMA Attenuators from Fields Components are simple resistor-based devices tend to be particularly good at changing amplitude without affecting frequency or wavelength. Call @ 888-413-4353 for more information.

TNC Attenuators TNC Attenuators
  Field Components offers TNC attenuators used to lower voltage, dissipate power, improve impedance matching. Attenuators available in 1-60 DB.Call 888-413-4353 to know more