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Coaxial Connectors

Coaxial Connectors

  We carry a full line of Coaxial Connectors, Adapters and Tools for your connectivity needs.

Connector Type
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Most Common Coaxial Cable Connector Types

1.0/2.3mm Connectors 1.0/2.3mm Flange Mount, Flexible Cable, Semi-rigid Cable Including Right angle connectors, Bulkhead connectors, Push pull design upto 10GHZ
1.0/2.3mm Connectors

10-32 Connectors

2.4mm Connectors 2.4mm Connector are designed for use with microwave applications requiring precision grade performance up to 50 GHz. Optimum results are achieved using outer conductor of 2.4mm diameter and air dielectric. The 2.4mm Connector series is mechanically compatible with 1.85mm connectors. Features Ultra Low VSWR and insertion loss.
2.4mm Connectors

2.9 mm Connectors 2.92mm Connectors are is mechanically compatible with SMA and 3.5mm connectors. 2.92mm Connectors are designed for use in RF applications requiring excellent performance up to 40 GHz needing low VSWR and insertion loss. 2.9mm Coaxial Connectors for all cable types, panel mount, Flange, Semi-rigid Cables, Flexible cables
2.9 mm Connectors

3.5 mm Connectors 3.5mm Coaxial Connectors for flexible, and Semi-rigid cable, Panel / flange mount. Mechanically compatible with SMA & 2.92mm connectors
3.5 mm Connectors

7/16 DIN Connectors 7/16 Din Connector name originates from the size of the connector interface (7mm OD of inner contact and 16 mm ID of outer contact). 7/16 connectors are designed for use in communications systems with power levels of 100 watts. 7/16 DIN Connectors are available with Fast Shipping.
7/16 DIN Connectors

BMA Connectors BMA connectors also known as “Blindmate” connectors are high-frequency, compact, 50-ohm, high-frequency using slide-on mating was developed in the 1980's. BMA connectors are ideal for use in rack-and-panel applications. Current configurations include Press Mount, PCB, 2 and 4 Hole Flange Mount, and for Semi Rigid Cables (.141, .085) in both straight and right angle designs.

BNC Connectors Designing and building custom LMR100, QN Connector, BNC Attenuators and Coaxial Connectors with over 20 years of experience.
BNC Connectors

C Connectors

FME Connectors high voltage FME connectors including Male, Female Right angle. Field Components Offers FME Connectors for most cable types in crimp, clamp and direct solder. FME Connectors are in stock for fast shipping,
FME Connectors

F Connectors Type F Coaxial Connectors for 75ohm Cables
F Connectors

HN Connectors

LC Connectors

MCX Connectors MCX connector - Field Components provides an extensive selection of high quality MCX connectors that fits your exact needs.
MCX Connectors

MC Card Reverse Polarity Reverse Polarity MC Card Coaxial Connectors 50-ohm impedance connectors with snap-on coupling and a frequency range of DC-6GHz.
MC Card Reverse Polarity

MHV Connectors MHV Connectors can ship from stock for fast delivery, Field Components MHV Connectors are part of 250,000 standard and custom RF products. MHV Connectors have exceptional performance and reliability.
MHV Connectors

Mini UHF Connectors Mini UHF Connectors, miniuhf, micro, cables assembly,
Mini UHF Connectors

MMCX Connector MMCX connector - Field Components designs, builds and supplies a comprehensive range of MMCX connectors to the electronics industry.
MMCX Connector

N Connectors Type N Coaxial RF Connectors for Flexible and Semi-Rigid Cable
N Connectors

QMA Connectors QMA Connectors offered by Field Components comes with impedance value of 50 ohm, plated with gold & white bronze. Call 888-413-4353 to know more
QMA Connectors

QN Connectors We guarantee and stand behind our QN Connectors or any products we offer on the site.
QN Connectors

RCA Connectors
RCA Connectors

Reverse_Polarity Connectors WiFi receiver Broadband modems connectivity products. Ethernet cable and supplies on sale

SC Connectors SC RF / Coax connectors used for cable assemblies, components,
SC Connectors

SHV Connectors

SLB Connectors

SMA Connectors SMA connectors | Get SMA connectors which are sub miniature units designed to provide high electrical performance for microwave applications.
SMA Connectors

Mini 75ohm SMB Connectors Mini 75ohm SMB Connectors, Available in Crimp or Clamp and Nickel, Gold Plating
Mini 75ohm SMB  Connectors

SMC Connectors SMC RF Coax Connectors have a threaded coupling interface, instead of a snap-on interface. These screw on designs operate reliably to 10 GHz at a 50 ohm impedance. Available in Straight, Right angle, Flexible (RG) and Semi-Rigid Cable
SMC Connectors

SMB Connectors SMB connectors - Field Components provides fast and reliable connection for smb connectors up to 4 GHz with high packing density.
SMB Connectors

SMZ - 75 Ohm (Type 43) SMZ 75ohm posi lock connectors, rg179, cables assembly, panel mount, pcb mount circuit board mount
SMZ - 75 Ohm (Type 43)

SSLB Coax Connectors

SSMA Connectors SSMA series Coaxial Connectors allows operation up to 38 GHz. Avaialable for Flexible and Semi-Rigid Cables, Bulk Head and Flange mount

SSMB Connectors SSMB Connectors, cable assemblies, coaxial, pcb mount, bulkhead

SSMC Connectors Check our bulk pricing chart online for SSMC prices in bulk

TNC Connectors We sell TNC and MMCX Connectors at an unbeatable price and out turnaround time is second to none
TNC Connectors

UHF Connector UHF connector, coaxial, cable assembly, bulkhead, remount, frontmount

Connectors By Cable Type Connectors By Cable Type, LMR200, LMR100, Times LMR 400

Connectors For LMR Cable We QC our LMR100, LMR200, LMR 240, LMR 400 Cable, Coaxial Connectors, 7/16 DIN Connector, SMA Attenuators and SMB Connectors delivering a perfect product every time.

Black Oxide RF Connectors
Black Oxide RF Connectors

Low PIM Coaxial Connectors