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Network Cables

Repair, Update or even speed up your computer network with these high quality cables. Below is a list of common computer networking cables. Choose from the list below to find the cable your require. If you have trouble finding the cable you need, try a search or contact us for more help

Category 5e 350mhz Cables

  Category 5 Cables, Features RG45 with and without boots. Shielded, and custome lengths

Category 6 Cables

  Category 6 Customs cables, Including all colors, Standard wiring, Cross over and roll over combinations.

Molded Cat 5e Cables

  Custom Cables | We will respond to your needs for custom products, product modification and new product development. Contact for additional information.

Multi Mode Fiber Optic Cables

  Multimode Fiber Optic Cables, Simplex and Duplex cables, SC, MTRJ, FDDI, SC, ST

Shielded Cat 5e cables


Single Mode Fiber Optic Cables

  Single Mode Fiber Optic Patch Cables, For Both Simplex and Duplex Cables

Crossover Cat5e Cables

  Crossover Cat5e Cables, LMR200, LMR cable, TNC Attenuators