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RG179 Cable Assemblies

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RG179 Cable Assemblies

RG179 cable assemblies are typically used in a variety of applications where high-speed data transmission is required. RG-179 RF Cable Assemblies uses include 75ohm medical equipment, 75ohm video and audio security systems. The FEP Teflon jacket make RG-179 Cables ideal where high-temperature performance is required.

Field Componenents Capablilities

RG179 cable assemblies are typically tested for electrical performance, including impedance, attenuation, crosstalk, and return loss. These tests are typically performed using specialized test equipment, such as time domain reflectometers (TDRs) and vector network analyzers (VNAs). In addition to electrical testing, RG179 cable assemblies may also be subjected to mechanical testing, such as pull testing and bend radius testing.

RG179 Coaxial Cable Specifications:

Conductor Stranding 7/.0040
No. of Cond 1
Nominal Diameter of Conductors 0.0120
Dielectric (in 0.057
Nominal Impedance 0.057
Shield Material Silver-Coated Copper
Condustor Material Silver-Coated Copper Clad Steel
Dielectric Material Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
Jacket Material Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)
Shield: Overall Braid Shield
Temperature Rating -55c To 200c
Mil-Spec: M17/94-RG179
Maxium Frequency 3Ghz
Connector side 1
Connector side 2

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