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RG316 Cable Assemblies

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RG316 Cable Assemblies

With wide applications in communication cables and military-rated equipment, RG316 cable assemblies can be used in telecommunication equipment for high-frequency interconnections.
When stability and high performance are primary requirements from cable assemblies, the RG316 cable assembly is the ideal choice. These assemblies are highly engineered to resist high temperatures and offer easy installation for appliances with minimal installation space.
The attenuation of our RG316 cable assemblies is significantly lower than other options due to the size of the conductors. That’s why RG316 is known as a low-loss cable too. Whether you want to order customized RG316 cable assemblies for your project or want to order bulk RG316 cable assemblies, we can cater to your project requirements.

Product Perfection is Promised and Delivered

RG316 cables have been used for almost anything from basic low-voltage applications to high-frequency electronic equipment. The RG316 cables are widely used in telecoms, automotive electronics, and industrial equipment applications due to their ease of installation and resistance against harsh conditions such as the high temperatures generated by wireless devices.
Our goal at RG316 is to deliver the highest quality cable assemblies on time, every time. We visually inspect and test each of our cable assemblies at various points of assembly and packaging, so we can ensure your exact needs are met. This ensures that you receive top-quality cable assemblies at competitive pricing and with quick delivery.

Higher Temperature Rating

The RG316 cable assemblies are able to handle higher temperatures than similar size cables, so you’re able to use them for any application that generates extreme heat. These cables are extra tough and strong, so they’re ideal for installation in equipment and appliances that generate high temperatures.

Custom Order Requirements for RG316 Bulk Delivery

Orders of our bulk RG316 cable assemblies are shipped according to your specifications at a very competitive price. Our prices are always competitive, and we try our best that prices will not change once you place your order.
We have a large inventory of RG316 and RF Connectors in stock to ensure on-time delivery of bulk cable assemblies. For custom cable assemblies, we also keep in stock specific types of connectors so that you can get exactly what you need without long lead times.
We offer a wide variety of connectors for our RG316 bulk cable assemblies, including the popular SMA and SSMA connectors.

Cable Assemblies Engineered for Extreme Conditions

The RG316 cable assemblies are very sturdy and can withstand a lot of stress, making them an ideal choice for your military-grade appliances. They’re constructed with the right materials to ensure that they don’t negatively impact the performance of your equipment.
The RG316 cable assemblies are designed to be easily installed into your appliance while being able to accommodate the extra stresses that come with military-grade equipment. These cable assemblies are not only able to handle these stresses, but they cause minimal damage while in use and during installation. We ensure this through our careful packaging and inspection processes before we ship out any bulk orders of these cables to our customers.

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