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TFlex 405 Cable Assemblies

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TFlex 405 Cable Assemblies

Projects and equipment that require a better alternative to semi-rigid coax cables are going to benefit most from Times Microwave TFlex cables. T-Flex 405 operates from 100 MHz to 60GHz and comes with a solid silver-plated center conductor. TFlex 405 Microwave cables offer minimal intermodulation distortion due to the use of the silver Plating. No precision bending is required for these cables due to the extreme flexibility of our assemblies, and these Times Microwave TFlex 405 cables perform best in corrosive environments. TFlex 405 Cable Assemblies are been designed as a general-purpose high frequency cable for indoor. It is capable of outdoor use in all weather conditions with an added UV rated jacketing and is mostly used for military equipment and communication networks.

Features of TFlex 405

The official TFlex 405 data sheet offers insights and specifications like dimension, conductor, jacket, dielectric, and other important factors. Shielding the effectiveness of the cables makes them an optimized option for different applications like commercial communication systems. Some of the major features and benefits of using Low PIM cables include:

  • Outer conductor RF path reduces intermodulation distortion
  • No Precision bending is required as TFlex cables are engineered for flexibility.
  • TFlex 405 cables meet all MIL-C-17 requirements
  • Shielding effectiveness is quite impressive. >100dB
  • Useable for military and commercial applications
  • Flexible alternative to semi-rigid coax
  • Applications including, Low Loss Microwave and Wireless Base Station

Custom TFlex 405 Cables

Our in-house manufacturing capability for TFlex 405 Cable Assemblies, we ensure the highest standards for the design and manufacturing of our products. We use the most advanced, state-of-the-art tools and technologies to ensure consistent product quality. We are proud to offer top-quality cables that are widely used for their performance, durability and reliability.
We are proud to offer TFlex 405 Cable Assemblies that are widely used for their performance and reliability. The flexibility of our product range can be attributed to our manufacturing knowledge, experienced staff and facility with in-house capabilities for the production of all your TFLEX 405 cable assembly needs.

The flexibility of our product range can be attributed to our manufacturing facility with in-house capabilities for the production of semi-flex, micro coax, and precision coaxial cables. This has positioned us as an industry leader in providing full turnkey solutions for all cable assembly orders. Whether you are looking for a prototype, short run assembles for your next project or want private labeled cables for your customers, Please give us a call!

Common Connectors for TFlex 405 Cable.

  • SMA
  • SSMA
  • SMC
  • SSMC
  • SMB
  • MCX
  • MMCX
  • BNC
  • TNC
  • Type "N"
  • TNC
  • QMA
  • 2.9mm
  • 3.5mm
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