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AEP RF Products
  Applied Engineering crossed coaxial connectors,

Amp RF Products
  Designing and building custom Times LMR 400, SMB Connectors, QMA Connector, SMA Connector, 7/16 DIN Connector, MMCX Connector and Coax Connectors with over 20 years of experience.

Delta Electronics RF (R)
  Delta electronics Get high quality Delta Electronics equivalent products and more that best suit your budgets at Field Components.

Huber and Suhner (R)
  Huber & Shuner cross reference for Coaxial Cable and connectors

Johnson Components (R)
  Johnson Components Cross Reference for Coaxial Connectors and Cables

Kings Electronics (R)
  Kings Electronics RF Cross Reference for Coaxial Connectors

Times Microwave (R) Connectors
  Field Components offers custom Times LMR 400 cable connectors with better lead times & performance. Call 888-413-4353 to know more

Midwest Microwave (R)
  Midwest Microwave RF Coaxial Connectors Cross Reference

Omni-Spectra (R)
  We carry Male and Female Stainless plugs, call for more details on any of our products

Pasternack (R)
  Pasternack Coaxial RF Cross Reference For Connectors and Cables

Radiall (R)
  Radiall Coaxial RF Cross Reference for Connectors and cable Assemblies

  Solitron / SV Microwave, male coax plugs, stainless coax

Tensolite (R) / CDI (R)
  If you are not sure about a product just give us a call

Tyco (R), M/A-COM (R)
  Tyco, M/A-COM, parts and supplies at a great price